GV Advisor App

This was a school project that allowed me to rethink the class scheduling experience at Grand Valley State University (GVSU). The current system for scheduling classes is inefficient and doesn't provide students with a clear path to graduate in a timely manner. The only current method to guarantee successful class scheduling is to meet with an advisor.

The GV Advisor App simplifies the class scheduling process by recommending a personalized class schedule that allows people to graduate by their preferred date. To determine student's interests and desires in a class schedule, we provided a questionnaire within the app's introduction steps. These preferences were utilized when creating each personalized schedule. Throughout the design of this project, I used the GVSU brand guide.
Client:   School Project
Role:   UX/UI Designer
Year:   2019

Problem Statement

www.gvsu.edu/banner/ was designed to help students register for classes and act as an online course counseling substitute. We have observed that the website is unnecessarily time consuming and has poor user experience on all devices ranging from desktop to mobile, which is leading to more students dropping out of college. How can we improve our company’s digital strategy to keep students coming back to Grand Valley and attract future students to GVSU?

GV Advisor App

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Client: School Project
Role: UX/UI Design
Year: 2019

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