Be Confident Cosmetics

I designed a beauty brand that supports women in their journey to feeling confident and comfortable in their own skin through cosmetics. Our brand specifically engages with people with melasma and vitiligo. Our products are created for women with these specific skin needs.

When speaking with people with melasma and vitiligo, they preferred products that included a higher SPF, allowed for full-coverage, and that utilized natural ingredients. In creating the product line, our goal was to fulfill the needs of this consumer base as well as encourage them to progressively feel more confident in their own skin.

To encourage our target audience to showcase their authentic skin, we created two product lines. The green colored bottles allow for a blended look to show off your unique skin and natural undertones. The white bottles are a great resource for women who prefer full coverage.

I designed the product bottles to fit together and make a circle shape. This allowed for the bottles to magnetically connect to one another to be more findable in a women's makeup bag.
Client:   Personal Project
Role:   Branding, Packaging, Product Designer
Year:   2019
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